Anti-wrinkle treatment refer to Botox products. The appeal of this type of treatment is that it helps smooth out those creases and lines that may have annoyed for years. It also has a few other benefits and areas it can target.

Some of the uses may surprise you. Not all the treatment are purely cosmetic, but they do help to feel more confident. If you are thinking about getting any treatment, try our smile analyser (it’s not just for smiles!) for a free digital consultation. 

What is in it ?

The main ingredient in any Botox product is Botulinum Toxin, known as Botox. The levels in cosmetic products are very low, and the injections are administered in areas to get very precise results. Botox stops muscles from moving, which once settled leads to reduction or complete removal of wrinkles.

Botox usually takes between 3-7 days to start working and for most people last around 3 -4 months. Sadly, as we get older or if the wrinkles are deep the length of the effect may alter. In some cases the effects can wear off after 2 months, on the other side we have had several patients whose results have extending for over 6-9 months. 

Headache,  Migraine and Jaw pain treatment

Suffering from tension headaches or migraine. In some cases, it can be due to over clenching. Clenching not only can lead to tooth loss, it very quickly leads to tension headaches and jaw pain. It is a hard habit to stop, as we usually aren’t aware that we are doing it. When we clench we engage our biting muscles (muscles of mastication) especially our temples and the masters next to our jaw. 

We can use Botox to help relax those muscles. When those muscles are relaxed they stop tensing and relief will follow.  Botox has been used for these purposes for decades, however it is important to see a practitioner who is experienced. If you do suffer from migraines and headaches get in touch. 

Excessive Sweating 

We can also use Botox in the hands, feet and armpits. Some people suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition that leads them to excessive sweating in these areas. Botox is a medially prescribed treatment for hyperhidrosis. It will stop the sweating in the effect regions for a period of around 3-6 months.