(teeth straightening)

Braces, also referred to as train tracks, are the traditional way to straighten teeth. A lot of people remember the silver metal braces of their teenage years. Fret not! Nowadays, there are more options than ever. Braces come in both silver and white, making them practically invisible. In addition to the braces being white, the bands and the wire can also be white and clear.

Braces consist of 3 parts;

The bracket

The metal or ceramic (clear) part that attaches to the tooth surface

The Wire

This is made from metal, but can be white for a better appearance. This is what moves the teeth into position and will have to be changed regularly during treatment 

Modules (elastics)

These are elastic bands that are placed around the brackets. They engage and secure the wire in the brackets. They come in loads of different colours, including white and clear. These are usually changed at each visit (people sometimes refer to this as tightening braces)

Braces can be used for very complex cases. The controlled offered by braces allows us to get the teeth in the perfect position. With aligners and braces, a full examination is required to determine suitability.

In simple cases braces can be as quick as 6 weeks (Dr McCarthy’s current record!), which is impressive seeing as usually in simple cases it is approximately 3-6 months. Braces can also be used to treat very complex cases, which can extend significantly longer but still provide excellent results!