Composite Bonding

Composite bonding uses the same materials as a white filling. White composite resin that can be moulded into the ideal shape and texture. This allows us to provide a good option that is cheap and quick for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their smile. Composite bonding can usually be done in a single visit, but may require a touch up or polish.

The advantage of composite bonding is that is can be polished annually to keep it looking lush. It can be easily repaired if they chip or fracture. The other advantage is that the tooth does not need to be prepared in the same way as a crown or veneer. This means no tooth structure will be removed, and so the tooth underneath remains healthy and intact. 

Composite bonding has become one of the most popular treatments, and it is a very good alternative to crowns and veneers. However, it is not an ideal treatment for all patients. Depending on the bite, if there are any rotted teeth or the condition of gums may exclude patients from this option. Anyone considering should book an appointment or use our smile analyser, where we can do a personalised virtual review and give you a better idea of what is possible for your smile!