Dental Disease

Sounds grim and scary, we know!

Our teeth are strong, really strong. In fact, enamel is the hardest substance made by the body. Sadly, sometimes dental disease develops.

So, What is it?

Dental disease occurs when bacteria, eat the sugars that make up some of the foods we eat. If we brush before the bacteria begins to grow, then there is no disease. However, if we skip brushing, flossing or hygiene visits the bacteria will slowly eat through our enamel and dentine leading to disease, this is also known as caries or decay. Depending on how long this process is allowed to continue, will determine how much treatment is required.

If caught early a simple filling may be all that is needed, sometimes if the decay is deep in the tooth a root treatment might be needed.

In some cases the damage to the teeth can be so bad it can lead to abscess, swelling and infection. This may result in the tooth needing to be removed.