Larger Gaps

Losing teeth doesn’t mean you need to lose your confidence as well! 

If you are missing a single tooth, partially those at the back of the mouth, the resulting gap can be possibly be ignored. Gaps at the front of the mouth, especially the front teeth, are hard to ignore. They can lead to feeling of frustration, self-doubt, and eventually they can cause any of us to lose confidence. Couple that with potential years and years of poor fitting or uncomfortable dentures. We aren’t even talking about the appearance of the gaps. It’s all about how it makes you feel.

If you have a large gap due to several missing teeth, there are a number of options available. In some simpler cases, a single implant can support two replacement teeth. This is an elegant solution that is very common in modern dentistry.

In dentistry, a fixed option to replace a missing tooth is known as a bridge. A dental bridge spans a gap (just like a real bridge). The fake or replacement teeth are known as pontics. The things that anchor bridges are known as abutments. Abutments can are usually other natural teeth that have been prepared to make them anchors or implants with crowns or attachments. The materials range massively, however the better quality bridges can easily blend into your smile and no-one would be the wiser. 

If the gap is larger than that it may be necessary to place two implants, which can support a fixed bridge, allowing you to replace multiple teeth, up to 4 teeth usually. .  In cases where the gap is significant, larger bridges can be used and anchored on more implants. Including replacing all the teeth at the top, bottom, or both. The bridge will be anchored to multiple implants.  These options vary massively in price depending on the number of implants, the number of missing teeth, the type of materials used and the bone levels. 

Yup, all of this depends on bone. During the planning and assessment stage, bones levels will be checked to ensure that they can support the placement of implants. If they cannot, then we have some solutions at hand. 

Oh, how the times they are changing! Thank goddess! As the technology has improved, the chance for single tooth replacement with a fixed implant is a viable solution for all of us.

We can match the exact colour, shape and texture of your neighbouring teeth, leading to a natural effect that people will be unable to tell which tooth is the implant.

More importantly, the implant is comfortable and fixed in position, avoids the need for dentures, interfere with any other teeth or regular replacements.

The biggest issue people face is the cost. They star from around £2500 for a single tooth replacement. We are not blind to the fact that implants are a large investment in time, money and emotion. If you or any loved one are considering implants, it is worth chatting to us to find out what options are available. For most people, it is one off cost for something that lasts a lifetime. 

We do have a lot more information about implants and if you are considering it, calling us here to book a consultation is the best way to get all your questions and queries answered! Or you click the link to download our PDF brochure. Have a cup of tea and learn more. We’re here to help in person or virtually.