Root canal treatment


So we know that root canals treatments (RCT) get really, really terrible publicity as the most painful thing in the world. (you should hear our dentists sing, then decide what’s worse!). Root treatment is needed to save a tooth if decay has spread too deep or if there has been a significant injury/trauma to the tooth.

Most root treatments are not sore, however if someone comes in with severe pain, the start of the RCT may be needed. This is likely what has led to the bad rap for RCT.

We may suggest an RCT to save a tooth from an extraction or part of a larger treatment plan. The full process involves washing the tooth from the inside, cleaning it out and placing some gentle rubber based material to protect the tooth.

RCT can be completed in a single appointment, however are usually over 2 or 3 visits depending on how many roots are present. After the RCT, the tooth will either need a filling or in most cases we would suggest a crown to make sure the tooth has the best possible chance of survival.