Scale & Polish

(perio treatment)

Tartar or Calculus builds up at the neck of a tooth beside the gum in areas that may be hard to brush in. Tartar is plaque that hardens and turns yellow/brown or black.

The minerals in saliva make it hard and the foods we eat colour and stain it. This issue is that it isnt suppose to be there – and brushing doesn’t usually remove it.

The tartar grows and builds. Eventually it starts to push gums out the way, making the red and inflamed. Sometimes it extends under the gum, causing a condition called Periodontitis. This can lead to gum recession, sensitive teeth, mobile/wobbly teeth and tooth loss. 

Our gums are the foundation of health teeth, and we need to keep them clean healthy and strong. Regular scaling and help avoid this from developing. If someone is suffering from periodontitis, we can offer deeper cleaning to stop it progressing and even reverse.  All our cosmetic treatments rely on having the gums in health condition. There is no point getting a beautiful veneer placed to have the tooth fall out in 6 months because of periodontal disease.

Take control of your gum health.